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  • TransMas: Built With Transport In Mind

    TransMas: Built With Transport In Mind

    Imagine working in a transport office where all the operational information you need is at your fingertips.
    Not on paper, or files, or in cabinets.
    Bliss, right?
    In fact, no…don’t imagine it.

  • TDI Disck Check: Making Knowledge... Power

    TDI Disck Check: Making Knowledge... Power

    People say knowledge is power.

    But having that knowledge at your fingertips whenever you need it makes it even more powerful.

    For transport operators – that’s precisely what TDI’s Disc-Check does.

    And it’s what makes Disc-Check the next generation of tachograph analysis software.



    ❄️❄️ All of our drivers attending this weeks 5 day driver Cpc course are benefiting from our recent move into a new fully air conditioned training suite ❄️❄️

  • Countdown to CPC

    Countdown to CPC

    The countdown is on to get your career on the right road with Driver CPC training right here at TDI Training.

    If you’ve not done anything yet, you’ve now got just over three years left to complete the 5 years’ worth of Driver CPC training…so the clock is ticking.

  • TDi - Driver App

    TDi - Driver App

    Saving fleet companies and drivers both time and money is what we’re all about at TDi.

    And with the disc-check driver app – the technology at your fingertips has made managing your fleet a whole lot easier!

    Built especially for drivers on the road, the disc-check driver app for android is the next generation in tachograph analysis and compliance.

  • Vehicle Check App

    Vehicle Check App

    Don’t worry – be ‘appy

    Remember the days when your drivers looked forward to all that glorious fleet department paperwork they had to do?

    How they chomped at the bit to fill in those defect reports?

  • TDI - CV Show 2016

    TDI - CV Show 2016

    Here at TDI, we’re busy getting everything ready for our trip to the CV Show at the NEC in Birmingham from 26-28 April.

    If you’re involved in the road transport and logistics industry there’s no doubt you’ll be there (there is no choice, is there?) – and as well seeing plenty of familiar faces and businesses, it’s always great to see loads of new ones too.

  • TDI Training - First Aid Training Courses

    First Aid training…here at TDI Training, we can’t begin to tell you how important having a competent first-aider in the workplace is.

    You don’t have to search for long to find a positive story about potentially life-saving first aid treatment being administered by someone who remembers something from a First Aid Training course.

    Meeting the standards required to comply with Health and Safety (first aid) regulations is absolutely essential for your business – but if you think arranging first aid training is painful – at TDI Training, we’re a life-saver for companies in and around Chesterfield and South Yorkshire.

  • TDI Training – Driver CPC Training Courses

    Get your career on the right road in 2016, with Driver CPC training right here at TDI Training.

    We’re now into our sixth year of successfully delivering Driver CPC courses – but more importantly, helping a wide range of people get the driver qualifications they need for HGV/PCV driver jobs in and around Chesterfield and South Yorkshire and beyond.

  • NEW Disc-Check & Vehicle-Check Features

    You may or may not have already spotted that we are continuously adding new features and reports into Disc-Check & Vehicle-Check see below list of new things available to you:

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